Open Water 2004

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burgess baker balch berends
Allison Argy-Burgess
The Quickening
Janet Baker
Sunset Over Sooke
Ann Balch
The Eye of the Beholder
The Jarvis Award
Bianca Berends
bilz bullock cassie chen
Hal Bilz
From the Bridge
Diana Bullock
School Daze
Annabelle Caissie
Nude Study
Gary Zhouguang Chen
After the Rain
chiu chow cleary clemes
Wilfred Yeuk Tin Chiu
Market Place, Burano
Jian-Sheng Chow
Early Morning Light III
Michael Cleary
Rock and Snow Forms
Pat Clemes
Along ‘The Big Sur’, California
cochrane culic col drutz
Marilyn Blumer Cochrane
Laura Culic
Americo Del Col
Cod Holiday
June Selznick Drutz
Arrangement with Three Girls
fairbanks gao gaylord francois
Bett Fairbanks
Pitcher #24
De Rong Gao
No. 2 Chinese Hamle
Martha West Gayford
Sansevieria with Fruit
Anne Giffard-Le François
Spring Jewel
godfrey gorey granville gregoraschuk
Joy Godfrey
Catching the Ligh
Christopher Gorey
Winter Esplanade
Pearl Granville
Very Berry #2
Terry Gregoraschuk
Finnigan Ferry
hazell hunt hunter jamieson
Ron Hazell
Cable Wharf
Joanne Hunt
Tea Party
Daler–Rowney Award
Jane Hunter
Field Series – Coming on Dusk
The Woolfitt’s Award
Geoffrey Jamieson
Après La Pluie, Québec
mcallister large laycock lea
Anne McAllister Johnson
Valleyview Hoodoos
Barbara Large
Susan’s Garden
Brent R. Laycock
Little Elbow Loop
Marcia Lea
The Factory Ceiling HK Holbein Inc. Awards for Innovative Use of Watercolour
djonlic elderkin ludlam may
Michelle Leavitt-Djonlic
Canada Day
Daler–Rowney Award
Phyllis Ljuden-Elderkin
In the Warmth of the Window #2
Mary Anne Ludlam
Through the Mist
Virginia May
Farm Near Orangeville
may menzel montgomery murphy
Doug Mays
Saguenay Shoreline
Eileen Menzel
Long Way from Home
Ken Montgomery
ÎIe de la Grande Entrée
Dan Murphy
Life in Decay
paterson tong proctor rabazo
Susan Paterson
Artist’s Garden
Pamela J. Portanier–Tong
The Barn Doo
Erika Proctor
Autumn Collage
Alejandro Rabazo
reck reeves richard robison
Jack Reck
Plunged in Thoughts
David B. Reeves
HK Holbein Inc. Awards for Innovative Use of Watercolour
Hélène Richard
Violette et Courges
Breen Robison
Mossy Limbs
rogers russell savytski smith
William Rogers
Thoughts of Nigeria
Val Russell
Twilight-Gilbert’s Cove NS
Oleg Savytski
Heather Smith
International Gold
labrie steel stein sutton
Susan Stallard LaBrie
Passages of San Juan Capistrano
Stephanie Quainton Steel
The Artist’s Self Portrait
Alan Stein
Times Square, Night View
Anne Sutton
Horseplay #1 – Chase
Wittnauer International Award to a first time exhibitor
tanner thibault ustohal vininsky
Jim Tanner
Salmon Cleaning
The Curry’s /Winsor Newton Award
René Thibault
Barrier Reef (Belize) #2 Dorothy J. Corson Award
Jiri Ustohal
Sunset, Lake Huron
Shernya Vininsky
Cooped Up
wheatley whitcombe white wilson
Betty Wheatley
Clear Foothills Morning
Carol Whitcombe
Out Behind the Barn
Maggie White
Rock Garden
Karen Wilson
Green Dory
The A.J. Casson Medal
yan yau yi zhang
Yao Hua Yan
Stephen Yau
Palace #15 3
The Sam Black Award for Excellence in Transparent Watercolour
Liu Yi
The Charles Comfort Medal for an outstanding figurative work
Ruby Zhang

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