Mexico/Canada Exhibitions

Mexican Biennial Exhibitions

From 1996-2002 Senor Alfredo Guati Rojo, Director of the Museo nacional de la acuarela in Coyoacan, Mexico organized biennial international exhibitions, showcasing work from watercolour societies around the world.

The CSPWC participated in each of these biennials. The 2002 exhibition was the largest, including works from 33 countries.

Full colour catalogues have been produced for all of these exhibitions.

Mexico/Canada Exhibition

In 1999/2000, the CSPWC and La Sociedad Mexicana de Acuarelistas jointly planned an exchange exhibition. Work by 25 artists from each country made up an exhibition which opened at the Museo nacional de la acuarela in Coyoacan in November 1999 and then moved to the Etobicoke Civic Centre Art Gallery in Toronto in March of 2000.

A full colour catalogue of all the paintings in the exhibition is available for $10.

In 1999, Edward Shawcross, President 1999-2001, and Shirley Barrie, Executive Director, were made honorary members of La Sociedad Mexicana de Acuarelistas. In 2000 Senor Alfredo Guati Rojo was elected an honorary member of the CSPWC. In 2003, the Museo nacional de la acuarela added Alfredo Guati Rojo AC to its name in memory of its founder who died in 2003.

david mceowen agawa falls
mexico canada catalogue
5th Mexican International Watercolour Biennial Catalogue
opening in toronto
Opening of Mexico/Canada Exhibition in Toronto.

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