In Search of the Human Essence

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In Search of the Human Essence: Humankind at the Beginning
of the 21st Century

A juried exhibition of work by CSPWC Members at the Triangle Gallery of Visual Arts, Calgary, Alberta. March 14 – May 4, 2002.

Brent Laycock, Alberta Regional Director of the CSPWC, was the driving force behind this major exhibition which was curated by Jacek Malec, Curator of the Triangle Gallery and CSPWC Members Larry Cromwell and Robert Sinclair.

Artists were invited to submit slides of several works which related to the theme. 54 works by 19 renowned contemporary Canadian artists were selected for exhibition.

The works in this exhibition stand in response to the profound events and experiences that are taking place not only globally, but also around us: in our families, neighborhood, communities and within ourselves.Jacek Malec. Exhibition Catalogue

A full colour catalogue containing information about the exhibition and reproductions of one painting by each artist was produced.

Select Images from the Exhibition

damato cadman
Jacqueline Damato
Shall Rise in Thy Dawning
David Cadman
Hi– Low- Close- Change
laycock bourget
Brent Laycock
Allegro Spiritoso
Edith Bourget
To Choose

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